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This review will help you determine which mascara to buy when you’re thinking of purchasing a new one. This review will go over the ingredients, application, volume and waterproof qualities of Benefit Gal’s mascara for lashes. You’ll have the option of choosing the one that’s best for your lashes and your budget! Let’s get started! First of all What is the list of ingredients?


The latest lash mascara BADgal from Benefit Cosmetics is 91% top allergen-free and free from common allergen-causing preservatives. This unscented matte black mascara can be used by itself or applied to the edges of your lashes to give it a shiny finish. The unique brush allows you apply the mascara evenly across all lashes for dramatic effects. It doesn’t clump nor blur. Benefit Cosmetics’ BADgal mascara comes in a small travel-size for easy application.

The Benefit Badgal Bang volumising mascara is easy to apply and layers easily for more volume. It is ultra-lightweight and benefit bad gal bang makes use of aero-particles. These are lightweight materials that were developed using space technology. The wand is curved and 360 degrees. reaches every lash for an impressive effect. It’s an Best of Beauty award winner for its impressive volume, and it lasts for 36 hours! It also comes with a PlayStation-like game which awards users with PS250 Benefit products.


The BadGal BANG! Benefit Cosmetics mascara creates huge volume. The lightweight formula and the sleek brush create an impressive effect. It is also used in layers for greater impact. The brush covers every inch of the eye, from the base to the edge, and even the edges and corners. It covers 360 degrees making the application process is simple, no matter the shape of your eye.

The mascara has MASSIVE volume without weighing your lashes down. The mascara’s feather-light weight is due to aero-particles that are derived from space technology. The 360-degree reach brush is designed to cover all lashes and can be applied in only one stroke. The mascara is not made up of any waterproof ingredients, which is why it’s ideal for use with non-permanent eye makeup.

benefit bad gal bang mascara BADgal Lashes Mascara a matte black mascara coats your lashes with a dense layer of color and volume. The formula provides lashes with an enlargement that will make them look longer and fuller. benefit bang mascara also offers a separate version called BADgal BANG! Brightening Blue will give your lashes a glossy look. If you’re looking for a fun, inexpensive mascara, you’re in the right spot!


The BADgal BANG! Volumizing Mascara provides you with massive volume without weighting down your lashes. Aero-particles, which are light, are derived from space technology. They reach every lash. For a dramatic effect, you can layer the mascara in layers. The wand is 360 degrees and extends from the roots to the tips of the lashes. The volume-boosting brush extends to the outer corners of the upper lashes.

The Benefit BADgal Bang! Mascara gives volume to your lashes without adding weight. Its formula is made of aero-particles, one of the lightest materials known to man. It is waterproof, smudge-proof and volumizing. It is made with an individualized slimpact Make use of a brush to evenly coat each lash. This mascara can be worn on its own or applied to the tips of the lashes for the appearance of a glossy.


The new Badgal Bang Waterproof is a volume mask made of light aero-particles to give you more lift and volume. The custom Slimpact brush is designed to reach both upper and lower lashes as well as the inner and outer corners of the eye, giving the appearance of massive volume. With a matte , waterproof formula, this mascara can give you the length and volume you want without the clumps.

With its slim brush, this mascara gives a dramatic impact and volume with just one coat. It is waterproof, fast drying, free of flake and easy to apply layers. It’s ideal for creating dramatic, full mascara that lasts all day. It’s easy to apply due to an easy formula. If you’re a glamorous woman or just a regular girl, BADgal Bang! Waterproof mascara is one you’ll enjoy wearing every day. Its rich black colour will make you look fabulous even when you don’t do much but just stay put.

Benefit’s BADgal Mascara is made up of 91% of the best allergen-free ingredients. It’s free of common preservatives that trigger allergies, is not toxic and does not contain any fragrance. It’s also not scented and has good separation and length. It also dries quickly, and lasts all day. It won’t require an remover to take it off. The benefit bad gal lash mascara bad gal bang mascara Gal Mascara is a perfect choice for those who like dramatic volume and a waterproof formula.

Allergen free

The latest release from Benefit Cosmetics is the BADgal Bang! 36 Hour Volumising Mascara was created using liquid fibers and is completely natural! The 0.3 1 oz. The 0.3 1 oz. tube is packed with 82% allergen-free ingredients which include natural oils as well as plant waxes. Another new release from Benefit Cosmetics is the award-winning waterproof formula that’s water-resistant and streak-proof. This mascara is also composed of non-allergenic components, benefit bad gal Lash mascara making it suitable for people who have sensitive eyes.

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