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well so you know hotbox social here you think about it as a you know marijuana lounge similar to a cigar lounge a hookah lounge or your local dive bar but instead of smoking tobacco or you know getting a beer or a mixed drink you can legally toke up inside here at hotbox social from edibles vapes to that joint of blueberry yum yum and all that other fancy stuff you can finally smoke that dank kush in a place other than your own home think of it as a pot smokers lounge off of tucker and john r called hopbox social it’s the first of its kind in the state but there’s a catch you can’t bring your own stash just yet we’re able to accept deliveries from any retailer in the area we don’t actually physically sell here delivery drivers show up and maintain the transaction inside where it’s safe experts will also be on hand to teach those who are new users the fda has a certain recommendation about five milligrams or what not as an initial dose we want to cut that in half and we’ll probably float around the two and a half two to two and a half milligram range for a first timer michigan becomes just the seventh state to allow these consumption lounges we spoke with andrew brisbow michigan’s top cannabis regulator about this new concept in michigan and how they’re regulated we saw a need for a way for social consumption to occur in a responsible manner in particular so that we can ensure the safety of the employees working in those types of establishments there’s a lot of regulations two of them is getting local approval and then having a ventilation system with a lot of pull if you catch my drift hotbox social has several rooms like this large room but then this is the hotbox room so this room has the the oversized ventilation where if we were to turn it off you could easily hop box this room with four or five people in the community you can challenge a cannabis consumer to hotbox anything and juice cbd maker you can also store your glass or your stash in these lockers the whole lounge can fit up to 200 people and we spoke to some in the neighborhood about it you can consume you know people are doing what they want to i don’t like it but you know i’m not in control of it i mean if there’s a bar you can drink and there should be a bar you can smoke in the million dollar question is safety we will have security here at any of the events i don’t think that you know this would be any more of a nuisance than the neighborhood bar now the billion dollar question is how are they going to be making money right now they don’t know that’s still a concept but you know hosting those pri having these private events here and charging for those that’s one way but another way these shipping containers that they have right here well they’re going to be going in and making this a kitchen and they’re going to be serving food not just to the people who use the lounge but also to the general public but it’s not going to be anything you know special if you get what i mean reporting in hazel park i’m peter maxwell 7 action news

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