Amber Heard's lawyers say to 'think about message' Depp is sending

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Making dollars

Lahiru Darsha started posting videos about Depp v. Soon, Darsha was posting short video snippets — less than 2 minutes — on his YouTube channel, Redux Dreams Lab. Heard when he felt like the trial wasn’t going the Pirates of the Caribbean star’s way.

If things get messy, having a solid paper trail will help. Make copies of important documents related to your home, children, investment accounts and other assets. If possible, track your expenses for a few months prior to your divorce lawyer.

Old times: Depp with former partner Depp during their 14-year relationship.

The couple separated in 2012

Documents supplied by the ACLU suggested Heard donated $350,000 on top of $100,000 that came from Depp on her behalf.

Another $500,000 came from someone named ‘Elon’, according to Depp’s lawyers.

Johnny Depp and his attorneys shocked many legal experts by winning his US defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard after having previously lost a similar libel case in the UK.

If law enforcement can’t get access to data on iPhones, criminals can “go dark,” the government says.

Going dark

In the eyes of the FBI, this is about keeping Americans safe. FBI Director James Comey earlier this month that offering a place no authorities could touch would create a haven for terrorists and criminals.

All eyes on her: Before the shoot, Kim documented her glam session as she shared several self-taken videos 

Musso thought the trial “was ridiculous, and most people seem to agree,” he said. After all, to him it’s just one rich person suing another rich person while airing out their drama to the public.

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